DC Youth Club (12-16yrs)

Want somewhere to hang out on a Friday night? We’ve got the perfect space!

The DC Youth Club is a fun session for young people of 12-16 years and runs each Friday from 7.00pm-8.30pm during the term time. 

We have pool, table tennis, a big sports hall for games, arts and crafts, cooking, Xbox, Wii, Help and Advice, Signposting and FREE WiFi!  If you just want to chill out with friends, then you can have free tea, coffee, juice and snacks in our cafe. Our friendly Youth Workers are always around if you would like advice or support, or if you just fancy a chat!

Our sessions are young people led, so we can’t wait to hear your ideas about what makes a great group!.

If you would like to give it a try or have any questions please contact:

Dracaena Centre – Phone: 01326 319 414 or Email: kate@dracaenacentre.org