Wellbeing 11-25 years

Wellbeing and Mental Health Support 11-25 years

Our service provides a variety of free opportunities to support young peoples mental health and wellbeing through  1:1 Support, Group Work, Clubs, Wellbeing sessions, Drop in sessions, School Support and bespoke Alternative Education– 6.30 pm, each Friday

  • Wellbeing and Health Advice
  • Supported integration to our clubs
  • Young people led activities
  • A safe supported space, with regular access to a Youth Worker and continuity of services
  • Access to free sports
  • Confidence building, raising self esteem and sense of purpose
  • Support to try new things and develop friendships
  • Connecting with the local community and services
  • Referrals
  • Qualified Youth Work and Trauma Informed Practitioners

You can pop in and see us for a chat or make an appointment for 1:1 support each Friday 3.00pm – 6.00pm

Contact: 01326 319414, email:admin@dracaenacentre.org or clair@dracaenacentre.org