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Conditions of Hire

    1. The person signing the Booking Form will be considered the Hirer and will be bound to these conditions.
    2. The Hirer may only use the premises as agreed in the Booking Form unless agreed by the Dracaena Centre.
    3. The Hirer will not sub-let the booked space.
    4. The Hirer is responsible for any damage to the Dracaena Centre and its fixtures, fittings and equipment during the hire period.
    5. It shall be the responsibility of the Hirer to obtain adequate insurance. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that any electrical equipment brought into the Centre is in a safe condition and PAT certified where applicable and any third party hirers (discos/entertainers) have a copy of their Public Liability Insurance.
    6. Hirers will record any accidents in their own accident/near miss book. Any accidents/near misses involving Dracaena Centre fixtures or fittings must be reported to the Dracaena Centre at the earliest opportunity.
    7. Right of entry of individuals or groups to the Dracaena Centre is at our discretion.
    8. The Hirer will ensure that all activities carried out by them will not cause a nuisance to local residents and that individuals in their charge are effectively supervised.
    9. The Hirer will leave the Dracaena Centre fit for purpose, equipment put away and any rubbish cleaned up. An additional charge will be made if the centre is not left in a satisfactory condition.
    10. At no time must any exits be blocked or fire equipment removed or tampered with (save in the event of a fire). The cost of re-charging any spent fire extinguishers will be met by the Hirer.
    11. Only White-Tac is to be used on walls, fittings and fixtures.
    12. No dry-ice or simulated smoke is to be used at any event as it will affect the fire alarm system.
    13. Cancellations must be made 10 working days before the event. Cancellations made within the 10 working days will still be charged at full rate.
    14. All hirers must bring their own First Aid Kit and we strongly recommend they have a qualified First Aider in their group.
    15. The Hirer will be responsible for the safety of their group’s personal possessions for which the Dracaena Centre can take no responsibility.
    16. It is illegal to smoke on the premises.
    17. Please remember that this is a Community Centre and that you may not have exclusive use of the facility. As such, the Hirer shall ensure that they take responsibility for safeguarding all those in their group.
    • Careful observation of the conditions will ensure that every visitor to The Dracaena Centre will receive great satisfaction from using the building.
    • If you have any special requirements please contact the Centre to discuss. We are good at making things happen!
    • We hope your event is successful. It is important for us to have your feedback – good or constructive – to help us improve the Dracaena Centre in every way.